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Target Audience

Our training programmes cater for learners who:
  • Are from poor neighbourhood so to increase the country’s economy.
  • Want to enter the labour market, but are unskilled and unemployed
  • Are employed and have acquired some skills, knowledge and work experience, but lack of formal training.
  • Are enrolled in an apprenticeship and need to complete some outstanding formal modules.
  • Are qualified, but would like to upskill with particular courses


All instructors at MATC are highly qualified and experienced artisans. Two classes are being conducted every day, morning and afternoon. After successfully completing the course, students obtain a certificate, and then they are able to work as competent artisans

Course Duration

Courses are offered in quarterly programme; each quarter takes 3 months.

Language of Instruction

Instruction and course material is in English, Swazi/ Zulu.

Safety Clothing

On commencement of exercise, the learner must have the following Protective Clothing which is available at the training centre.
  • MATC labelled work suit (overall)
  • Safety boots
  • Safety Goggles
  • Ear plugs
  • Hands gloves

Tools and Equipment

The trainee will be allocated the required tools for the programme of which the trainee must take responsibility of for the duration of the course. Any missing or damaged tools/equipment due to proven negligence will be charged to the account of the trainee.

Cancellation/Non Arrival

Cancellation fee of 50% of course fee is applicable if notice is given less than 1 week prior to scheduled date of training No fees refundable for a trainee that is not showing, leaving during or is being suspended or dismissed due to disciplinary problems.

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